Hello to all our great members and friends,


 We miss you.  We have been working hard to get ready for you. We have made adjustments to the gym to ensure the safety of our staff and our members and we are open and returning to our regular hours.  In addition to the physical modifications we have made,  we have implemented new procedures and guidelines to enhance the safety of everyone in our facility. Those include most of the things you are pretty familiar with as part of the new normal. They include:


  1. Social distancing is recommended. Everyone should maintain a minimum distance of 6’ from others at all times.

  2. Hand washing or sanitizing is suggested upon entry and exit.

  3. Anyone that has any outward symptoms of the Covid virus will be required to leave.

  4. Gym capacity will at first be limited to no more than 25 participants.  Shower use will likewise be restricted to no more than two members at any time.

  5. You will be limited to using no more than two machines at any given time and you must clean your machine when you have finished.



Several new pieces of equipment and accessories have been added. 

Stop in to see what's new.